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TLC is a private institution of Higher Education in Limassol, Cyprus. It is registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture to offer its own Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degrees.

The College was established in 1986 under the name “Rea College”. In January 2012 it was renamed  “The Limassol College”.

The TLC has achieved an outstanding reputation in Aesthetics since it was the first Educational Institution of Higher Education in Cyprus which offered a 4 year Degree in Aesthetics and Cosmetology.

Furthermore, the 4 year Degree of Dietetics and Nutrition offers a high professionalism to its students.

Graduates of TLC have the added advantage of continuing their studies in Universities of Europe and the United States.

The TLC has acquired the Erasmus University Charter 2014-2020 and its students have the opportunity to study and train in the EU.

The TLC in its strategy for development, offers 5 postgraduate programs: ‘Technology of Information and Communication in Education’ (12 months, 90 ECTS), ‘Clinical Dietetics’ (12 months, 120 ECTS) and ‘Nutrition and Dietetics’ (12 months, 90 ECTS).

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